Team – our specialists

Autism in Practice comprises of a team of highly experienced practitioners who between them have over 70 years’ of specialised autism awareness training experience.

The fifth member of the team works in an admin capacity and also as advisor to the team. She is a service user whose invaluable input contributes to the accuracy and pertinence of the autism specific strategies and approaches in place for those on the spectrum.

Yvonne Crowhurst
Yvonne CrowhurstHead of Autism in Practice

Yvonne has been with Autism Together (previously Wirral Autistic Society) for almost 30 years starting in the field as instructional staff before progressing through the management structure as Assistant Head of day services, Acting Head of Day services and Joint Head of Day services responsible at the time for over 200 service users and over 80 staff.

As a result of a restructure of Autism Together’s day services four years ago, Yvonne was tasked with setting up new department to meet the requirements of the service user regarding autism specific practice throughout the service. Her department now support over 300 service users and almost 900 staff.

Yvonne is also an external and internal trainer delivering autism specific practices and leading Autism Advice Sessions for those on the spectrum but who are not directly supported by Autism Together.

Michelle Walklett
Michelle WalklettTraining Officer

Michelle has 21 years’ experience working within the field of autism for our organisation. This includes 11 years’ experience as a direct care practitioner.

She is a certified instructor in Management of Actual and Potential Aggression (MAPA) -Master Level. Michelle also delivers a variety of both internal and external training courses responsible for the statutory training required by both Autism Together and external bodies. She is an assessor and internal verifier for the Diploma for Health and Social Care programme. Michelle is also part of the Autism Advice Sessions’ team.

Yvonne Smith<br />
PgCert Autism & Asperger Syndrome
Yvonne Smith
PgCert Autism & Asperger Syndrome
Autism in Practice Facilitator

Yvonne has been in the field of autism for 16 years, working for Autism Together both in her present role and as a direct care practitioner. Her role includes assessing communication skills, implementing interventions such as the use of PECS, speech generated devices and visual structure.

Yvonne also facilitates Connected which is a social group for those with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Advice Sessions held for those who are not directly supported with Autism Together. She also delivers autism specific training internally and externally including bespoke courses in support of the individual. Yvonne has an Post Graduate Certificate in Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Advanced diploma in Speech and Language Therapy support and is part of the Autism Advice Sessions’ team.

Dawn Kirby
Dawn KirbyAutism in Practice Facilitator

Dawn has 18 years’ experience in the field of autism with our organisation originally as a support worker and later through the roles of day services’ assistant and senior day services’ assistant to become the lead covering sensory issues within the department.

Her wider role includes delivering external and internal training focussing mainly in the areas of communication through signing and visual structure. Dawn holds an Advanced diploma in Speech and Language Therapy support. Dawn is part of the Autism Advice Sessions’ team.

Jane Carolan
Jane CarolanDirector of Client Services, Wirral Autistic Society

Autism in Practice team are dedicated to providing the best, most up to date training in autism awareness in the workplace.

Their award winning activities have helped propel Autism Together to be regarded as one of the foremost providers of care and support in the field of autism. It is their passion and commitment that will underpin the training they provide to external organisations.

Jane Carolan, Autism Together
Autism Alliance

Autism in Practice works in collaboration with the Autism Alliance.

We are committed to supporting individuals with autism to achieve their full potential and participate in society as independent and valued citizens. We recognise that understanding of autism continues to develop and we are committed to developing our service in line with robust modern autism specific research.
Autism Alliance