Project Description

During September 2016 Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services approached Autism in Practice to raise their firefighters awareness of autism and to show their support and get involved with the Liverpool Autism Champions project.

During a very successful and informative presentation the attendees gave some really positive feedback:

Anthony Dunn
“Very good event with lots of information. I feel more confident working with people with Autism.”

Beth Spackman
“All the information given was easy to understand and the conversations with the trainers were easy and relaxed.”

Courtney Smith
“I think it was good fun and I learnt a lot even though I have an autistic friend.”

“Too Short only because it was extremely interesting and I could have asked questions all day.”

Diane Dunn
“I have gained a lot from this session and feel I have a better understanding of Autism and how to support individuals.”

Maria Talbot
“Very enjoyable and informative. Would definitely access higher level training if available.”

Karen M
“Hope to improve the environment within the classroom to become an improved learning place for those who have autism.”

Scott Iliffe
“Content delivered was really good. The trainers were knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”

Linda Gortan
“I found the session to be interesting and informative.”