Project Description

The Autism in Practice Team held a series of training sessions with one of the UK’s premier visitor attractions, informing staff from across the organisation about awareness and understanding of autism.

This is what they said after their training:

“I found it helpful, informative and useful. I can use what I’ve learned today at work daily.”

Nichola Phipps
“Very good clear training in a relaxed way with two good teachers.”

Ben Wellings
“Great session. I feel much more informed now and could be able to assist a person with autism or their carer.”

Ian McIntosh
“Very informative and interesting session. Well delivered by knowledgeable trainers”

Scott Kardashian
“The session has given me an interesting insight and awareness into autism and how I can help people in my daily life.”

Debbie Nicholson
“Extremely enlightening. I feel I am in a better position to speak to people with Autism. Very useful with my job role.”

Fred Howat
“A great session. Very useful for managing visitors within the zoo; should also help with content we produce.”

N Giossop
“Really enjoyed this find it very interesting the course went very quick could of sat and listened for another 3 hours.”

Clare Booth
“Overall raised my very limited awareness of autism and will consider this in future contact with individuals.”

Micheal Cullimai
“Enjoyable; should be able to take the info into the workplace to assist staff and guests.”

Jennifer Ryshton
“Really good course with lots of information. Would be great if most staff could do it.”

Andy Mapp
“It was very enlightening to what people with Autism feel and go through each and every day.”

Emmeline Cartwright
“Very engaging, not overloaded with information. Yvonne and Yvonne were excellent at delivering the training.”

Pippa Roberts
“Easy with loads of stories to make concrete examples. Everyone got involved, great teamwork; everyone felt at ease and capable of commenting.”

Jo Tomkinson
“Really enjoyed the session. Have picked up points that I can pass onto my team in the future.”

Joshua Sutton
“Effective delivery of information with a good and clear explanation of the facts.”