Yvonne Smith
Autism in Practice Facilitator

The Autism Show – 2nd -3rd July 2016

Autism in Practice, the training division of Autism Together were one of the guest speakers at this years Autism Show at Event City in Manchester where Yvonne Smith discussed the challenges of ‘Supporting people with autism in the wider community’.

At an extremely well attended session in the Hub 2, Yvonne, started by outlining the diagnostic criteria for autism awareness citing a range of differences in communication, social understanding, processing information and the broad number of sensory differences that an individual on the autistic spectrum may exhibit.

The presentation then went on to look at common stressful situations and their effects on emotional well being, such as accessing the everyday community, dealing with authority, meeting health needs as well as forming relationships, taking part in leisure activities and entering the world of employment.

Based on years of practice within Autism Together, Yvonne then outlined autism specific strategies to support people such as allowing extra time to process information, access to written and visual information in the community and letting the individual on the autistic spectrum know what is expected of them and indeed what is expected of them in the community.

Yvonne summed up by stressing that focussing on the strengths that are attributed to having autism including visual thinking, ability to notice detail, honesty, their special interests and ability to concentrate on a task to a high standard are essential for a smoother, integrated support process within the wider community.

Yvonne said “Raising autism awareness is a great passion of the team here, we have spoken nationally on a range of subjects to do with this and it was great to be invited by the premier Autism Specific Exhibition in the country. We had so many positive comments after the presentation and it was a delight to address so many professionals, parents and carers”.

If you would like to hear any of the Autism in Practice specialists discuss their detailed knowledge of working with individuals on the autistic spectrum or book an autism awareness training session for your organisation – please click here.