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Course Overview

The work of the department covers identifying and promoting the implementation of personalised autism specific strategies for service users within a public or private sector organisation and autism specific practice for staff/teams across all professions and industries in the workplace including carehomes, service industries, schools, GP surgeries, emergency services and beyond.

A wide range of teaching methods are accessible, which cast a wide net of effectiveness in ensuring that knowledge and skills gained are transferable into practice. Team working across all services within an organisation are essential to ensure consistency of practice and shared understanding. The Autism in Practice team oversees the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all autism specific practice throughout your service.


We deliver a comprehensive range of courses to facilitate autism in your practice, for both public and private sector clients:

Understanding Autism

Personalised Commuication

Using Visual-Structure





these are always developing and will be tailored to suit your specific area of operation.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student will gain basic knowledge and understanding of the autistic spectrum condition

The student will be assisted in identifying further data related to autism through recommended reading lists and websites.

The student will demonstrate learning to line managers through completion of questionnaire/test. This can be checked by managers through examination of the handout material supplied during the course

Additional Course Objectives

  • To raise autism awareness of autism in the community
  • To inform and educate those unfamiliar with the condition
  • To highlight the positive attributes, characteristics and value that those with autism can bring to the wider community.

The student will attain successful course outcomes by a combination of the following activities during and following this course:

  • Attendance and participation in the course
  • Personal study of hand outs
  • Successful completion of the questionnaire reinforced through supervisory feedback
  • Greater ability in recognising and supporting those with condition through increased knowledge of autism and its effect on those on the spectrum.