The Autism in Practice Department of the Society, in the main, comprises of a team of four highly experienced practitioners who between them have over 70 years’ employment with the Society.

The fifth member of the team works in an admin capacity and also as advisor to the team. She is a service user whose invaluable input contributes to the accuracy and pertinence of the autism specific strategies and approaches in place for those on the spectrum.


The aims of the department are to support every individual within the service in meeting their needs and achieving their life goals; to consult with and advise service users, staff, parents, external individuals and organisations; to ensure that autism specific practice is firmly embedded and developed within the society; to increase knowledge of autism and autism specific practice within the staff group training through modern autism specific research and to raise autism awareness within the local and wider community.

What we do

The work of the department covers identifying and promoting the implementation of personalised autism specific strategies for service users and autism specific practice for staff across the service and beyond. Trouble shooting with the staff teams further embeds individualised programmes for each person. Within training, the wide range of teaching methods accessible to staff, casts a wide net of effectiveness in ensuring that knowledge and skills gained are transferable into practice. Team working across all local services is essential to ensure consistency of practice and shared understanding. The Autism in Practice team oversees the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all autism specific practice throughout the service.

Autism specific practice supports new and existing service users, new and existing staff members, external individuals and organisations who approach the department for autism specific training for their employees.

Partner Organisations

As one of the partners, Wirral Autistic Society works in collaboration with the Autism Alliance whose values are upheld by the Autism in Practice department both in theory and practice. We are committed to supporting individuals with autism to achieve their full potential and participate in society as independent and valued citizens. We recognise that understanding of autism continues to develop and we are committed to developing our service in line with robust modern autism specific research.